Assessment Data

The enclosed reports summarize NOLHGA's annual survey of guaranty associations' assessments of member insurers. This survey is conducted every year in response to the NAIC's Insolvency (E) Task Force request to have such information.

Assessment and called amounts shown in the attached reports only reflect the amounts necessary to carry out the obligations of guaranty associations with respect to impairments or insolvencies of a member insurer (i.e., Class B assessments). The amounts do NOT include administrative assessments (i.e., Class A assessments). All figures shown are for the period 1988 through 2021.

Assessment activity is broken down into three categories as follows:

  • Assessed - represents amounts assessed but not necessarily billed by guaranty associations to member companies
  • Called - represents amounts actually billed to member companies
  • Refunded - represents amounts refunded to member companies (either by check or credit applied on future billings)

The following reports are included (please note all amounts are in 000's) and were posted November 4, 2022.

State Level Accounts

State Capacity vs. Assessments Called and Refunded

Comparison, on a state level, of annual capacity vs. amounts called and refunded, by account.

State Assessment Activity Summary - Annual amounts assessed, called and refunded, by account, on a state level.

State Assessment Activity by Insolvency
Annual amounts assessed, called and refunded for individual insolvencies, sorted by state.

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The data used in the enclosed reports is collected annually from the guaranty associations, however it is NOT traced to appropriate financial statements of the life and health insurance guaranty associations. As such, the information contained in this report may NOT be utilized by member insurers in protesting actual assessments made by the guaranty associations.
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