Meetings & Events

Annual Meeting

Each fall, NOLHGA holds its annual meeting for members and leading insurance industry and government executives to discuss key insolvency issues. The meeting features panel discussions and/or presentations on pressing issues in the insolvency arena and also features guest speakers from leading insurance companies and consulting firms. The meeting regularly attracts the leading figures in the insolvency and insurance field.

Legal Seminar

The annual NOLHGA Legal Seminar provides a forum for discussion of insolvency-related legal issues faced by life and health insurance guaranty associations. The program features guest speakers from the insurance industry and from governmental entities both on the state and federal level, as well as presentations from guaranty association experts and NOLHGA’s own Legal Department.

MPC Meetings

The Members’ Participation Council (MPC) holds quarterly (or more frequent) meetings to discuss the latest developments in NOLHGA-related insolvencies and the insolvency arena. The MPC general session features presentations by various task forces on the progress made in resolving particular insolvencies as well as updates on current issues facing guaranty associations. Task forces also meet individually to discuss the issues concerning particular insolvencies.

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