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Penn Treaty Network America Insurance Company, headquartered in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and its subsidiary, American Network Insurance Company, were placed into rehabilitation by the Pennsylvania insurance commissioner on January 6, 2009. Penn Treaty and American Network provided long-term-care insurance to over 126,000 policyholders in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The Commissioner filed petitions for liquidation on October 2, 2009 and amended petitions for liquidation on October 23, 2009. The court rejected the petitions in an order dated May 3, 2012.

On July 27, 2016, petitions were filed by the Receiver in the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania seeking the liquidation of Penn Treaty and American Network. On March 1, 2017, Penn Treaty and American Network were placed in liquidation by orders of the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania.

For policyholder or claim inquiries, call Customer Services at 1.800.362.0700.

Court documents and other information including a detailed questions and answers section can also be found on Penn Treaty’s website: www.penntreaty.com.

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NAIC Number: 81078

An NAIC number is a five-digit number assigned to every insurance company by the NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners). Because each company has its own unique number, the NAIC number can be used to identify a particular company.

Domiciliary State: Pennsylvania

The domiciliary state is the state in which an insurance company is incorporated or organized.

Rehabilitation Date: January 06, 2009

Liquidation Date: March 01, 2017

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