State Guaranty Association Member Company Contact Information


Welcome to the State Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association member insurance company address update portal. The form on the following page allows insurance companies to provide contact and mailing address information for assessment billings and other notices from state life and health insurance guaranty associations where the company is a member.

More and more state guaranty associations are relying on email delivery systems for assessment billings and other notifications - these email notifications are ineffective if the contact person's email address is invalid due to a change of personnel at the company.

We strongly recommend that a departmental email address or shared distribution group email box address be provided on the following form, rather than a single individual's email address. The email addresses provided on the form will receive links for assessment payments, proxy voting, etc.

Mail addressed to a specific employee can be mis-routed or even returned to the guaranty association if there is a change of personnel at the company, resulting in delays in assessment payments and penalties for late payments.

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If you have any questions regarding the address update process, please send a detailed question to